Sponsors are needed to help ensure that the Global Clearinghouse can meet the growing demand for setting-up and operating GINs worldwide (see GIN Sign Up for more details on GIN demand).

OPERATIONAL: Support is needed to set-up and launch GINs. For each GIN to be effective, one full-time dynamic facilitator is required to ensure that communications remain targeted and that concrete results are achieved. Pre-launch orientation is also required to train and familiarize Members and orient them with respect to their roles.

TECHNOLOGY: Technology support is needed to help enhance the GIN software so it can continue to evolve and effectively meet users needs.

MONITORING: Support is needed from in-country or regional partners who would be interested in monitoring GIN activity and providing support and guidance to local GIN operators so that impediments can be overcome and business-enabling environments strengthened.

Interested parties should contact the Global Clearinghouse for more details. Our current sponsors:

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs