Information Resources: Sector Risks & Mitigants

Energy (24 articles)
Water and Sanitation (31 articles)
Telecommunications (6 articles)
Transport (10 articles)
Social Infrastructure (5 articles)

List of All Resources in this Category: (75 total)
  Title Author(s) Year
update The Informal Recycling Sector in Developing Countries: Organizing Waste Pickers to Enhance Their Impact PPIAF (Medina, Martin) 2008
update Relying on Expert Panels to Help Settle Regulatory Disputes: Lessons From Chilean Experience PPIAF (Jadresic, Alejandro and Bertolini, Lorenzo 2007
update Recent Trends in Private Activity in Infrastructure: What the Shift Away From Risk Means for Policy PPIAF (Torres de Mästle, Clemencia and Izaguirre, Ada Karina) 2008
update Reaching Unserved Communities in Africa with Basic Services: Can Small-Scale Private Service Providers Save the Day? PPIAF (Kariuki, Mukami, et al.) 2006
update Lifting Constraints to Public - Private Partnerships in South Asia: The Way Toward Better Infrastructure Services PPIAF (Bhatia, Bhavna and Gupta, Neeraj) 2006
update India Leads Developing Nations in Private Sector Investment: But the Region Needs More Investment to Meet Demands PPIAF (Harris, Clive) 2008
update Helping a New Breed of Private Water Operators Access Infrastructure Finance: Microfinance for Community Water Schemes in Kenya PPIAF (Meera Mehta, et al,) 2007
update Taking a Holistic Approach to Planning and Developing Hydropower: Lessons From Two River Basin Case Studies in India PPIAF (Haney, Michael and Plummer, Judith) 2008
update Protecting Electicity Retailers Against Price Volatility: The Electricity Tariff Equalization Fund in New South Wales PPIAF (Kerf, Michel and Groom, Eric) 2008
update Private Participation in Electricity: The challenge of achieving commercial viability and improving services PPIAF (Tenenbaum, Bernard and Izaguirre, Ada Karina) 2007
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