The Monterrey Consensus recognizes that urgent development needs for poverty reduction, job creation, and improved living standards cannot be achieved without significant and sustained investment by the private sector.  To implement the Monterrey Consensus, the Global Clearinghouse Initiative has developed specific Financing for Development Tools.

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Financing for Development (FfD) Tools


Financing for Development (FfD) is crucial to ensure long-term, sustainable development. The objective of the Global Clearinghouse has been to create replicable "Tools" that can serve as Global Public Goods for the use of interested governments and development agencies to implement the Monterrey Consensus, leveraging official development assistance and enabling aid effectiveness.


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The Global Clearinghouse is aimed at mobilizing the enormous resources of the private sector in developing countries, thereby creating jobs and reducing poverty. The Tools are also cost-effective means in which the public and private sectors can collaborate to overcome impediments and create an improved business-enabling environment.

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Invitation to Participate

All users can use the links at right to access the FfD Tools and contribute input. Users can also subscribe to Newsletters to keep abreast of the latest developments. In addition:

Developing Country Governments can sign-up to use the Tools, and send Portal pages to interested investors.

Development Agencies & Foundations can sponsor the GIN Service, INFRADEV work or Portal research.

Private Sector can sponsor the GIN Service, INFRADEV work or Portal research.

Market for Business-enabling Tools - Access Market Demand: click here for a list of countries and regional organizations that are either currently using the GIN Network Service or who have expressed interest in establishing their own GIN.

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