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Thomas H. Cochran

Last Update: November 21, 2008

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Title:Managing Director
Institution:CivilCredit Advisors LLC
Institution Profile:CivilCredit Advisors LLC is a sole practice financial policy advisory practice focused on the mobilization of local capital for essential public infrastructure in developing countries.
Primary Job Responsibilities & Interests:(1) Research on the development of local capital markets for the financing of infrastructure, housing and other basic needs. Policy advice regarding the legal and regulatory frameworks needed for the development of efficient, reliable local capital markets;
(2) Design and implementation of credit underwriting procedures and standards, investment surveillance and management methods, and other key components of new financial guarantee mechanisms for the developing world;
(3) Advice and due diligence on the development of infrastructure transactions using public-private project finance, investor owned utility and sub-national finance techniques; and
(4) Advice on the re-structuring of troubled infrastructure financings.
Reason for Joining the INFRADEV Network:To learn more about infrastructure finance involving public-private risk sharing in places and/or involving institutions with which I am not yet fully familiar.
Work Phone:+1 (973) 746 2370
Cell Phone:+1 (973) 519 1830
Fax:+1 (973) 746 6425
Technical Expertise:Policy Research and Advisory Services, Credit Underwriting and Management, Transaction Structuring and Work-out
Regional Expertise: East Asia and Pacific
Specific Projects worked on:Examples include: low cost waste water treatment demonstration projects in Poland and Hungary, Geo-thermal IPP in Indonesia, power distribution in El Salvador, conventional and high speed electronic toll-road concessions in Chile, airports in Chile and Aruba, basic municipal service extension to newly included areas of established municipalities in South Africa, detailed analysis of private municipal "bond bank" INCA in South Africa, etc.
Years of Experience:24
Member Background:I resigned from MBIA, the leading global financial guarantor, after 8 years consulting and leading credit management and work-out functions in emerging markets to form sole practice consultancy CivilCredit Advisors LLC, based in Montclair, NJ. Prior to joining MBIA in 1997, I provided technical assistance and advisory services on emerging market infrastructure and general sub-sovereign finance as a sole practice consultant and non-profit executive working with sovereign governments, the World Bank, USAID and other clients for five years during the mid-1990’s. I came to that international work after seeing the Berlin Wall come down and the Central European countries and post-apartheid South Africa begin to grapple with regional and local public finance problems similar to those I had worked on most of my previous professional life in the US. From 1983 to 1992, I managed the northeast region for Lehman Brothers Public Finance Department working on a wide variety of infrastructure and housing transactions. I founded and led the Northeast-Midwest Institute, a regional policy research organization focused on infrastructure finance, regional capital flows and related domestic public finance issues on Capitol Hill in the late ‘70s and early ‘80’s; and served as Special Assistant to Governor Brendan Byrne of New Jersey on Education, Health and Intergovernmental Relations for the first three years of Governor Byrne's administration. I started my career as an Urban Fellow on Mayor John Lindsay's education advisory staff and as a planner implementing decentralization at the New York City Board of Education.
I hold a B.A. in Psychology from Beloit College (1971) and a Masters Degree from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (1974).
Address:32 Stanford Place
Postal Code:07042